Dentist Queenstown: Can a Dentist Perform Surgery?

Dentists can perform all types of dental surgery. This includes putting crowns on teeth, scaling and root planing (deep cleaning), endodontic or root canal treatment, placing implants, oral surgery to correct misaligned jaws, or removing tumours in the mouth area. Check the services you can expect from your Dentist in Queenstown on this page:

A dentist performs any necessary procedures because they have the proper training to do so. Some people who need these treatments go to a specialist, but others visit their general dentist for this type of care. Dentists are trained surgical specialists, so it is not uncommon for them to provide these services.

What are the Risks Associated with Dental Surgery, and how can they be Minimized?

While surgeries are normally successful, there is always a risk associated with them. Your dentist in Queenstown can help reduce the chance of problems by listening to you and carefully explaining what is going to happen during the procedure and what the expected results will be.

The dentist would also prescribe antibiotics before starting any type of surgical procedure because this minimizes the risk of infection occurring. It is also important for patients to follow any instructions provided by their dentist after surgery has been completed.

This ensures that they allow themselves time to heal properly and reduces their chances of an infection or other complication from occurring as a result of not following such guidelines. Do note that the risks of complications during your dental surgery also depend on factors like your general health, your age, and other medical conditions you may have.

It is always better to be safe than sorry, though, so take safety precautions like having a dental surgeon monitor your progress closely or administering antibiotics before any surgery to reduce your risk of developing an infection post-treatment. To fully prepare for the surgery, here are some questions you can ask your dentist:

  • How many times has the dentist performed this procedure, and in how many patients? You do not want a dentist who simply states that they have done the procedure many times in their career while neglecting to provide you with a specific number. A more experienced dentist in Queenstown has a lower likelihood of complications occurring during the course of your treatment.
  • What type of anaesthesia will you use during my dental surgery? Be sure to confirm whether or not general anaesthesia will be administered by a specialist to ensure that you are comfortable during the entire procedure.
  • How much time will you need for the surgery? It does no good to schedule an appointment with a dentist who is too booked up and cannot give you the time needed for your treatment in one sitting. You should also confirm whether or not follow-up appointments will be necessary.

How Much Does Dental Surgery Cost?

Depending on your specific treatment and where you receive it from, the price of a surgical procedure can vary. For instance, local anaesthesia costs less than general anaesthesia. The more extensive your treatment, the more you will have to pay a higher fee.

If you need a procedure that is more involved, then expect to pay more because it will take longer for your dentist to complete their work. Usually, it takes about two weeks for the patient to recover from the surgery and return to their normal activities.

You do not have to undergo surgery though if you do not fancy such procedures. In certain situations, other options might be available instead of undergoing surgical procedures.

For example, if you have poor dental health due to neglecting your oral hygiene, then using teeth whitening treatments would be a better choice because they can improve your smile without drastic measures like going under anaesthesia or having repeated surgeries. However, if the condition of your teeth is much worse than just having discolourations and stains, then dental surgery would be a better solution.

Similarly, if your teeth are only slightly misaligned, then you might be able to save time and money by using braces or Invisalign. As opposed to surgery, these treatments can fix your teeth within a shorter period of time without needing someone to monitor the recovery process every step of the way. A good dentist in Queenstown will always provide you with all your options and let you decide which one is best for your situation.

When is it Necessary to Seek out a Dentist who specializes in Surgical Procedures?

If you have already been treated by a general dentist and they suggest that the only solution would be surgery, it would be best to consult with a specialist to get the answers you need. After all, general dentists can provide many non-invasive treatments and procedures like teeth cleanings and dental fillings.

However, there are some occasions where patients need or want more intensive procedures, such as those involving surgery. In this case, your best bet will always be a dentist specializing in surgical procedures because they have completed extensive training, and their expertise is specifically related to this field of medicine. For more serious conditions such as gum disease, wisdom teeth removal (impacted teeth), or implants; then seek out a specialist for optimal results since they spend most of their career treating patients with similar cases as yours

The Bottom Line

Surgery for the teeth can be an expensive and sometimes dangerous endeavour. Since the teeth are such a vital part of the overall health of the mouth, it is important to consult with a dentist who specializes in such procedures so that they can ensure their safety and recommend the best possible course of treatment.

At Smile Point Dental Center, we are committed to providing quality dental care for our patients, with an emphasis on surgical procedures. We have spent years perfecting our craft and making sure that safety is always a top priority. If you have any questions or concerns about the process of preparing for surgery with one of our doctors, please feel free to contact us today! Call: +6564751028

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