Why we are afraid to talk about infertility

It would seem that people often like to talk about health problems, but are silent when it comes to the absence of children in the family. The problem of infertility is indeed very complicated, and talking about it is, to put it mildly, unpleasant. But there is an opinion that unwillingness to talk about the problem aloud is an unwillingness to solve it.

Specialists Delivering Dreams are always supportive of their clients and at the first consultation try to talk about everything that bothers them. There is nothing wrong with the diagnosis of infertility. Thanks to modern reproductive technology, this diagnosis is no longer a verdict.

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Reasons for silence, or what are we truly afraid of?

When we asked ourselves why people are silent about infertility, we found more than a dozen reasons that can hold back and cause silence.

  • Embarrassment. We are so brought up that so-called “below the belt” topics always cause confusion, especially when it comes to gynecology or urology.
  • Fear of being abandoned. The worst thing is to admit to your partner that you have a problem, and to realize that the cause of all your family’s suffering lies in you.
  • Opinion of others. Surely you have repeatedly asked about adding to the family, but you embarrassingly denied, and said that you are working on it. Admitting to family, friends and acquaintances that you have a problem is to start getting advice about treatment, adoption and other solutions to such a delicate problem for you.
  • Too personal. Many couples feel that this issue is taboo and can only be discussed between a man and a woman.
  • Feelings of inferiority. Knowing that you can’t have children makes you feel inferior, different.

How to solve the problem and stop being afraid?

Infertility is mostly a problem of two people, so it also needs to be solved together. It is very important that a person who, according to the results of tests and examinations, has abnormalities in the reproductive system feel support and love. Explain to him that it is possible to solve the problem today.

Never reproach, even if you find it very difficult to accept the situation. Together you can get through this. Have faith that you will soon have a child’s laughter in your home as well. Go together to the websites of clinics and study modern treatment methods.

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