What are the top 8 questions you should ask about Post Nipple Correction Surgery?

When you’re born with large nipples, you might have undergone several changes during puberty. With time, the nipple size, color, and shape change. Sometimes, it also occurs post-pregnancy or while breastfeeding your child. However, when undergoing inversion nipple surgery, you might have doubts about the recovery period. 

Here we will present some common questions about recovering from nipple correction surgery:

1- Can I breastfeed after the nipple correction procedure?

This relies upon what sort of inversion nipple surgery you are having and the strategy in the surgery. Nipple correction surgery procedure includes saving the milk pipes—however, the outcome of this procedure from one person to another. Many ladies who wish to breastfeed pick to have nipple inversion surgery after they’ve completed the process of having babies.

2- When can I wear ordinary bras after the nipple revision medical procedure?

For at least a month and a half following your medical procedure, you will be asked to wear a post-careful pressure bra to keep your breasts set up while your scars are recovering. It is better for you to hold on until your specialist signs you off before you begin to wear normal bras once more.

3- Can I take a shower after the nipple correction medical procedure?

It always depends upon what sort of inversion nipple surgery you have had to decide exactly how you can take a shower. If you’re feeling like it, you can have a lukewarm shower or shower 14 days after surgery as long as you keep those dressings dry.

4- Can I go topless after this medical procedure?

Your nipples need time to mend. If you want to wear a post-careful compression bra following your medical procedure, you should keep it on for something like a month and a half and be careful so that it does not bother any scarring. You cannot go topless while you are recovering.

5- How can I sleep with comfort after this medical procedure?

After the medical procedure, your nipples will be sore, so the best thing to do is to sleep on your back and set yourself up with pillows and cushions.

6- Can I drink alcohol after the nipple correction surgery?

It can be quite intriguing; however, you must stay away from alcohol for 48 hours after undergoing any breast surgery. You should also limit your consumption of liquor during the surgery. 

7- Can I at any point smoke after a medical procedure?

While recovering, it would be better to stay away from smoking cigarettes and vaping as they can influence the recovery process. Smoking can endanger the injuries of breaking down, which means they could take more time to heal. 

8- What sort of aftercare will I get with the nipple inversion medical procedure?

It is known that the best aftercare is as significant as the medical procedure itself, so you must look for the best clinic to provide you with high-quality recovery treatment options. You’ll have to give your body many opportunities to recover, and the clinics will advise you on the effective way to do this. 

To finish:

Nowadays, many clinics and experienced doctors offer inversion nipple surgery. So, you should be very wise with choosing the doctor with whom you would like to bring this new change to your life and body.