Ways To Make Your Period Come Sooner 

Have a vacation to go for, but scared about your periods? I am sure all of you have faced that at least once in your whole lifetime. Maybe an important event, a wedding to attend, a trekking plan or whatnot but no ETA of your periods. And just as soon as you’re off for something important your guest “period” arrives. Annoying, right? 

Hence, to help ease your stress, we have curated a list of ways to make your period come faster. 

Though there is no sure shot method to induce a period immediately, there are a few ways that can help trigger your period faster. To know more about it, keep on reading. 

Below are six ways that can aid in preponing your periods. 

Hormonal Birth Control 

Hormonal birth control pills have proven to be the most effective way to induce periods. However, if you plan to resort to this method, it is important that you do it under a doctor’s guidance, and a prescription is a must. When you stop taking birth control pills, there is a withdrawal of hormones that make your period come. Hence, you can stop the birth pill sooner to get your periods faster. 

Increase In-take of Vitamin C

Another way to RSVP your menstrual cycle sooner is with the help of vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid. This is because Vitamin C has an effect on the estrogen and progesterone levels, the hormones responsible for your period timing. It elevates these hormones, which in turn cause the uterus to contract and help in the shedding of the blood lining. However, there is no scientific validation to this. 

You can give this method a try by increasing your intake of foods rich in vitamin C, such as tomatoes, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, green peppers etc. 


Light and relaxing exercises can help induce your periods, and it helps restore the hormones to a normal level which can help your periods come sooner. However, if you’re under rigorous activity and exercise a lot, you might want to slow down. Daily rigorous exercising decreases the estrogen levels, which block your periods from arriving. 


The combination of hormones released while having an orgasm helps trigger periods sooner than usual. This is because, during sexual activity, whether penetrative or non-penetrative and uterine contractions, the orgasm that occurs at the time helps to dilate the cervix and aids the uterus in shedding the lining, welcoming the cycle. Orgasm also helps soothe menstrual cramps. 

Reduce stress 

Stressing will delay periods and is also a very common reason for irregular menstruation. Stress produces the hormones cortisol and adrenaline, and depending on how your body reacts to stress; you might face a change in your period cycle. Hence, leading to your estrogen and progesterone levels being affected. 

Thus, it is important that you relax a little. It is also important to keep in mind to not panic more with an already delayed period. 


A lot of people believe in resorting to various herbs in order to jumpstart their menstrual cycle. A few of those herbs include turmeric, Dong Quai, rosemary, and oregano. It is said to improve blood flow and affect estrogen and progesterone levels. However, there is no scientific evidence that supports this, but there is no harm in trying it out. 

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