Teething Toys for Infants: Everything You Should Know

Teething can be just as painful for parents as it is for their children. This is a significant milestone, but gaining the first teeth can sometimes be agonising. The baby’s distress and pain may result in sleepless nights and a desperate search for a method to console him. This is where baby teethers come in. These are items that your child can gnaw on to relieve sore, sensitive gums.

You will encounter numerous options as you search for the ideal teether for your child. Here is all you need to know about teething tools and how to choose the best ones for your infant.

What Are Teethers Exactly?

These special devices help calm a baby’s gums when their first teeth appear. They can be manufactured from various materials, including wood, natural rubber, silicone, fabric, and plastic, devoid of bisphenol A. Since teething can cause distress, chewing on a toy can provide respite by applying counterpressure to the erupting tooth, which feels nice.

Many, but not all, infants experience discomfort and pain during dentition. They frequently begin sucking and gnawing on anything they can get their hands on to alleviate the discomfort.

Teethers are a pain-relieving option that is secure for infants to chew on. Thus, you will not have to constantly be concerned about your infant attempting to chew on everything they encounter.

Varieties Of Teethers

Teething devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These consist of:

Teething rings – A common form of teething device available for infants. They may be solid or filled with water for cold teethers. They can also be textured or flat. These ridges massage the baby’s gums as they chew on the teething device.

Teething toys – These are designed for both amusement and to soothe sore gums. They are manufactured from baby-friendly materials, such as natural latex or fabric, and are, therefore, suitable for infants. They are available in various animal-inspired shapes.

Teething mittens – A fabric-based gloves or mitts with plastic or silicone components. These teethers are excellent because they enable the baby to gnaw on their hand, which many teething infants enjoy.

Staged teethers – These are for all teething stages and typically come in bundles of four teethers, each designed for a specific age or teething stage.

How To Select The Ideal Teething Toy For Your Baby

Teething devices are available in various materials, shapes, and sizes, making it difficult to choose the finest ones. Here are some tips to consider when shopping for teethers:

  • Consider the sort of teether; while ring-shaped teethers are traditional, more inventive designs are now available. There are now teething toys that double as toothbrushes and others that resemble tiny comforters. Your child will use staged teethers throughout the entire teething process, making them a wise purchase.
  • Consider the material it is made of. Teething babies will gladly gnaw on anything they can get their hands on; however, they are more attracted to certain materials than others. Some infants prefer delicate, chewable materials such as silicone or latex, while others favour something more robust, such as wood.
  • Teething toys are frequently moist and susceptible to mould growth. Choose a teething device that can be cleaned, sanitised, and dried rapidly.