Picosure Laser Rejuvenation: What You Should Know About the Procedure

Laser procedures have firmly entered the world of cosmetology. They are not going to give up their positions. They improve every year and help to solve several skin problems. Are you tired of an old tattoo, or maybe pigmentation bothers you? Want to rejuvenate your skin? Introducing the first and only FDA-approved PicoSure picosecond laser.

What is the uniqueness of the Picosure laser?

The pico device was developed by the American company Cynosure for more than 10 years. Today, it is one of the most modern lasers for rejuvenation, which has no analogues. Its appearance was a breakthrough in cosmetology. The laser uses a softer energy type with minimal pulse period to activate the body’s built-in anti-aging reaction. This results in incredible skin rejuvenation treatment greenville sc results!

Instead of utilizing a continuous ray of excess heat, the Picosure delivers short energy bursts. This lowers skin damage as a whole, affecting only problem areas. Lasers of the past generation work by heating tissues that is, photothermally. The innovative device works differently – photomechanically, without heating the tissues.

Five PicoSure Rejuvenation Benefits

The device has a lot of advantages, but we will highlight five main ones:

  1. The duration of the pulse is only a few picoseconds or 皮秒, these are trillionths of a second. The pulse energy reaches 200 mJ and is delivered to the tissues in such a short time.
  2. There is no thermal effect on the tissue, which is why the laser is called cold.
  3. There is no need for rehabilitation – the procedure takes about 20 minutes. It can be done during your lunch break and return to work. This is a very important point for people with high employment.
  4. Maximum comfort – compared to other devices, removal of eyebrow tattoo with the PicoSure laser, as well as other procedures, are less painful.
  5. The device has several attachments to help fight several skin imperfections.

You can use PicoSure to treat several skin problems, including freckles, pigmentation, acne scars, spot removal or 去斑 and wrinkles. The treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical that easily fits into a busy lifestyle.

How does the procedure work?

During the session, experts use a special device distribute picosecond laser energy to various parts of the skin to be rejuvenated. But do not worry – no damage is done to healthy tissues! The laser utilizes minimal energy bursts and precisely targets brown spots, acne scars, etc.

The laser has a gentle effect does not cause side effects. The skin can look like after a slight sunburn, and there is slight redness. No need to worry – all this is expressed insignificantly and quickly disappears, continue to go about your business.

Although you can immediately return to work or other duties, we still recommend that you refrain from physical activity for 48 hours. After the procedure, you need to keep your sensitive skin protected from harmful sun rays that can cause hyperpigmentation. Considering the area of ​​work and the problem, the intervals between sessions are two to four weeks.