How is age a factor in Social Security disability claims?

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Age is one of the most crucial factors that determine your eligibility towards social security disability benefits. If your disability, disease or medical condition does not meet the list of disabilities that are part of the programme, your age becomes the deciding factor. The Social Security Administration pays close attention to your age and social security disability claims. In research, it was found that it is one of the most important criteria due to which a disability claim is either approved or denied. 

What are the Age Grids in Social Security Disability programmes?

The Social Security Administration has basically divided the claimants into four categories of age. Up to the age of 49, you are considered as a young individual. Other factors taken into consideration in this category include sedentary work style, lack of job skills, not being able to communicate in English, etc.

If you fall in the category of 50 to 54 years of age, you are termed as closely approaching advanced age. Other factors taken into consideration include sedentary work style, education that cannot give entry into skilled work, etc.

The category of advanced age applies to those falling in the bracket of 55 to 59 years of age. Some other factors taken into consideration include the claimant’s limitation to light work, education that cannot provide entry into skilled work, etc.

And those who have reached the age of 60 or above, are termed as closely approaching the retirement age. Therefore, if you are disabled at the age of 60, your education level is less than that of a high school, you do not have any work history and are also limited to medium work, then you fall in this category.

In addition to above mentioned age groups, you also need to verify certain additional factors such as your capability to lift and carry heavy weights and whether you are able to stand and walk or not. 

The age of 50 doesn’t guarantee you the benefits of Social Security

While applying for Social Security disability benefits, someone must have told you that you are more likely to get approved for the benefit if you have turned 50 years of age. No doubt, the administration does give you importance if you are 50 years of age but there are other factors such as your education, work experience and restrictions due to disability that the administration considers before approving your application.