Four Signs That You Might Have A Tooth Infection

Tooth infections can be scary, and they should be diagnosed early on by a dentist, periodontist, or an endodontic dentist. A tooth infection occurs when the bacteria in your mouth have passed the lining of your tooth to reach the gums, throat, and other related organs. Usually, a tooth infection reaches that stage when it is ignored for a long time. Therefore, people must get their teeth cleaned and checked regularly, use fluoride toothpaste for brushing their teeth twice a day, and floss regularly. If you feel tooth pain henderson nc in your teeth or gums when you eat or touch them, here are four signs that your tooth might be infected:

  • Bad Breath

When people have a dental infection, they notice that their breath is foul-smelling. One can’t get rid of the bad breath even with mints and other refreshing foods. The problem needs to be solved from the roots by bringing the infection treated. Temporary solutions will not work in this case, and they may even worsen the condition. 

  • Toothache Or Tooth Loss

There might be a severe toothache or even pain in the gums because of a tooth infection. If there is a continuous toothache, it is time to go to a dentist and get a proper diagnosis. Another thing that some people may notice is the loss of a tooth that may be near the infection. 

  • Dental Cavities And Jaw Pain

Dental cavities are the main reason why infections occur. If the cavities are treated early and appropriately, having an infected tooth is significantly less. If the disease has spread in the system, people may notice jaw pain increasingly. 

  • Swollen Gums And Pus

The patient also has swollen gums when the tooth is infected. The swelling in the gums and other areas of your mouth may disrupt the structure of your facial bones. If the node remains unchecked and untreated, there is a chance of pus formation in the gums. 


These are the most common symptoms people notice when they have a tooth infection. If you see any or all of these symptoms in your situation, it would be highly advisable that you get a dental check-up done by visiting a dentist. A fair warning, a dental infection can create many different problems, and it will not cure on its own. Visit your dentist today!