Cosmetic dentistry – changing the dynamics of the smile

If you’re like most people, you want to improve your smile. You want to make it bright, beautiful, and attractive. Your smile is the first thing that attracts other people. If you don’t feel optimistic about your smile, it will be a matter of worry. A perceived deficit in perfect smile impacts self-esteem, and self-contentment with one’s appearance contributes to self-worth. 

But today, with the ubiquitous social media, the usual smile is considered to be flashy, pearly white, and no imperfection at all. The influencers and celebrities flash their veneered smiles, making their followers more intimidated about how they look and smile. This consequent pressure makes it difficult for people to remain objective when deciding to alter facial appearance. However, cosmetic dentistry chattanooga tn has the potential to change the way you smile- your ideal smile.

All cosmetic dentistry nashville tn treatments have functional and esthetic components that go hand in hand. Cosmetic dentistry is an integral part of dentistry in the modern era. Along with the therapeutic purposes, it resolves many dental concerns. Due to greater awareness of health-conscious lifestyles and the pervasive influence of social media over the last decade, patients seeking cosmetic and general dental treatments expect maximum esthetic results and the highest level of dental function. A good dentistry clinic would address your smile concerns efficiently and with Beach city dental, fixing a crooked smile is easier than you think.

At beach city dental, your smile can be corrected the way you want to project. Like most of the population, whitening your teeth may not be enough to restore your smile. There are numerous dental procedures other than teeth whitening, which can provide you with the smile of your dream. One of the most popular of these is called porcelain crowns. Dental crowns have been famous for a long time, but porcelain crowns have become one of the leading dental restoration materials in recent years. This blog will explore the basics of getting a ceramic crowns pittsburgh pa and what to expect after treatment.

What is a porcelain crown?

A porcelain crown is a type of dental prosthetic restoration. It is the term used to describe the installation of a tooth-colored solid cap over a fractured, missing, or damaged tooth. Porcelain crowns cover teeth and restore them to function like natural teeth. They are made of a white, translucent ceramic material shaped like a tooth and bonded over the decayed or damaged area of your tooth. The cap is usually made of porcelain but may also be gold, platinum, or ceramic. However, most porcelain crowns are shaped from porcelain which is more challenging than standard ceramic materials. It is placed overlying the healthy portion of your tooth to give it a beautiful, white finish. 

The need for porcelain dental crowns

Tooth decay can lead to many different problems in the mouth, including broken and chipped teeth, sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks, and often extreme pain. The primary use of dental crowns is to cover tooth roots exposed to gum disease or other dental problems. It can also be used to cover a tooth that has been damaged by trauma or decay and requires strengthening, or if a tooth is going through root canal treatment but needs temporary protection before its final restoration. Porcelain crowns are intended for sensitive teeth that need protection from delicate chewing surfaces. They can also be used in cases where a tooth needs scaffolding or has been extracted. 

Benefits of porcelain dental crowns

The benefits of porcelain dental crowns are numerous, as cosmetic dentists claim. They are durable, easy to maintain, and very natural-looking.  When tooth damage occurs, it is recommended that dental crowns be placed on strengthening damaged teeth and restoring the loss of shape and color. Following are some of the advantages:

  1. Dental crowns protect the existing tooth against further damage. There are no chances of wear and tear, and decay.
  2. Dental crowns were used for therapeutic purposes for the longest time, but now with advancements in dentistry, porcelain crowns are also used for cosmetic purposes. 
  3. Earlier, crowns were made in gold or silver metal, but now porcelain, ceramic options offer a discreet look to the person. Porcelain dental crowns are closest to your natural-looking teeth. 
  4. Porcelain being biocompatible, is toxin-free, unlike other metallic amalgams.
What to expect during the beach city dental visit for dental crowns? 

During your first visit to beach city dental, known as Manhattan Beach Dental Center, your tooth that is going to have the crown will be examined through an x-ray. The tooth and the bone surrounding it will be checked. If the root canal is needed, treatment is given to the decayed tooth. Afterward, the tooth receiving the crown will be filed down across the top and sides. After reshaping the tooth, a paste is used to make an impression of the tooth that needs the crown. Dentists Manhattan Beach Dental make sure that the impression of the tooth is proper and accurate to avoid any bite issues. The impression is then sent to a dental laboratory to get the crown made. Meanwhile, your dentist will make a temporary crown to protect the tooth until your permanent crown comes. During your second visit, the permanent crown is fitted using mild sedation, and you are good to go. 

Getting porcelain crowns is not too difficult, but it is vital to have an experienced dentist take care of the procedure. This is only possible at Manhattan Beach Dental Center, a leading beach city dental clinic. At Manhattan Beach Dental Center, almost anyone is a candidate for a smile makeover. We can make the dream of a lovely smile come true, as we believe that everyone deserves to be able to smile with confidence. Striving to meet every patient’s expectations, we provide dental treatments based on science and art, techniques that are minimally invasive and in the best interests of the patient. To know how your dental issues can be resolved, visit