Can laser tattoo removal be used on any tattoo?

Tattoo regret is a genuine phenomenon that can strike anywhere from days to years after getting your ink. If you are considering getting a tattoo removed, you probably have many questions about the process. The only way to get rid of dubious body artwork is a process known as laser removal, which naturally sounds a bit daunting. However, knowledge is always the key to making the best choice, so if you are looking for tattoo removal in London, read on to discover more about what to expect if you decide to say goodbye to your tattoo.

Will tattoo removal work?

Laser tattoo removal does work, but how fast the results can be achieved and the success level depends on several factors. To fully understand how this applies to your tattoo, it is best to chat with the tattoo removal practitioner before deciding to go ahead. They will ask various questions to help determine how long it might take to remove the tattoo successfully.

How are you feeling?

This might seem like a strange question for them to ask, but it is essential. When the laser breaks down the pigment, it then becomes a by-product in the body that your immune system has to break down and flush away. So, if you happen to be under the weather, immunocompromised or fighting infection, sessions could be less successful. If you are fighting a cold, the logical solution is to wait until you are fighting fit. However, if you are permanently compromised but do not want to live with a tattoo, your practitioner can help you understand the potential issues, and you may end up with a slightly less than perfect result.

What about the ink?

A clinic dealing in tattoo removal will also want to understand more about the ink. Don’t worry, though; they can determine a lot from just looking! Some colours are more challenging to break down than others, but there is no colour that cannot be removed. They will also look at how deep the ink goes. This depends on the tattoo artist’s skill and, sadly, is beyond your control. Good artists achieve great, lasting results with minimal depth. Some can be a little heavy-handed and leave a depth of ink that takes longer to remove as it penetrates more layers of the skin.

What about old tattoos?

If one of the reasons you want to get your tattoo removed is because it is old and faded, you are in luck. It is generally easier to remove an older tattoo because the fading means the ink and pigmentation are having a lesser effect on the skin than something bright and fresh that was done recently.

Most tattoos will be successfully removed using laser tattoo removal. Many practitioners are offering the service, but do some research and get more than one opinion to ensure you get the best care possible when it is time to say goodbye to your ink.