6 Most Unique Kinds of Physiotherapy Treatments You Should Be Aware Of

Physiotherapy has various branches of study. Your body requires multiple types of treatments if diagnosed with multiple illnesses. Each treatment differs in terms of medicinal use, exercising techniques and massage therapies. The ultimate goal of any physio technique is to get rid of any pain and quicken the healing process. Integral Performance Osteopath is one of the ways to boost the entire body healing process.

Following are few types of uncommon physiotherapy treatments:

  1. Geriatric Physiotherapy

This type of physiotherapy deals with senior citizens undergoing aging process. Since aging weakens the metabolism process, several body problems start emerging within various systems of human body. Geriatric physio helps in combating certain health problems while you age. It helps to maintain body flexibility and decrease the chances of any future injury.

  1. Pediatric Physiotherapy

This type of physiotherapy deals with health problems associated with infants and kids. Physiotherapists deal with many illnesses in juniors such as flexibility issues, lack of coordination, core instability, lack of mobility and balance and inflexibility. It also includes conditions related to muscle illnesses, cerebral palsy, developmental interruptions and certain birth defects.

  1. Sports Physiotherapy

This type of study involves certain health and physical conditions of sports personalities and athletes. A sports physiotherapist deals with sports related injuries and exercises. You can derive few advantages like prevention of any future injury, flexibility improvement, assessment of movement and other healing techniques.

  1. Gynac Or Women-Centric Physiotherapy

These physiotherapists deal with conditions related to female reproductive system and stuff. Pre-natal and post-natal care is provided to such patients to make the child delivery process easier. Any condition related to fertility also falls under this umbrella. The benefits provided are core and pelvic muscle strengthening, childbirth conditions, pain alleviation during pregnancy and urinary control.

  1. Cardio-Respiratory Physiotherapy

This physiotherapy deals with the diseases of lungs, chest and heart. COVID-19 patients can benefit from cardio-vascular exercises. It helps in treating patients of asthma, trauma and chest infections. One of the treatments such as Integral Performance Osteopath helps in developing resistance power, treating cardiac conditions and breathing problems.

  1. Neurological Physiotherapy

Brain is the king of your body and its normal and regular functioning is extremely important. This type of physiotherapy deals with chronic conditions related to brain. Certain ailments such as brain stroke, head and spine injuries, sciatica, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, etc. are treated by neurological physiotherapy. It helps in improving mobility and certain functions of nervous system.