5 Things that Could Make Teenage Mental Health Worse

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The teenage years can be a difficult time for both the teenager and their parents or carers. Many teenagers struggle with their mental health as they balance family life with school work and the challenges of growing up in Clearwater. While different teenagers will experience different triggers and factors that could make their mental health worse, here are some common things that could impact the mental health of teens.

1.      Bullying

Bullying can negatively impact anyone, and when children are growing up, bullying can have a massive impact on their lives. If a teenager is being bullied at school, at home, or elsewhere, this is likely to make their mental health worse and manifest in different ways, including depression, anxiety, and anger issues.

2.      Loneliness

If a teenager feels like they have nobody to talk to, this can quickly impact their mental health and leave them feeling alone and isolated. If you are worried about the mental health of a teen, try to talk to them and find out whether they are feeling alone. Doing this could help them to feel like somebody cares about them, and it may make them more likely to open up about their feelings.

3.      Screen Time

Spending too much time looking at screens, playing games, and browsing the internet can impact teen mental health in a negative way. There are benefits and disadvantages of spending time online, and in some cases, it can worsen the mental health of teenagers. Try to encourage your teen to spend more time outdoors or with friends to help them decrease the amount of time spent looking at screens.

4.      Peer Pressure

Teenagers often feel peer pressure from others around them, and this can severely impact the way they feel. When people feel under pressure to do things that they do not feel comfortable with, this can make them feel helpless and trapped. Speaking to your teenager and encouraging them to speak to you about any concerns can help them to feel supported and able to deal more effectively with the risk of peer pressure.

5.      Family Problems

When there are problems in the family, this can negatively impact everyone involved, and the stress can be particularly acute for younger people like teenagers. If there has been a traumatic incident, such as a divorce or death in the family, pay particular attention to your teen’s mental health and look for additional support if required. Significant or traumatic events can extensively impact teen mental health and cause long-lasting problems if adequate support is not put in place in a timely manner.

Getting Support with Mental Health

There are many factors that can impact teen mental health and the well-being of people in Clearwater, FL. When professional support is needed to help teenagers get through a tough time, qualified specialists are available at TMS Advantage Clearwater. Taking steps to look after teen mental health and support the people around you can prevent mental health problems from getting worse.